Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Lecture in a Car

So, I went to a class tonight. That's just setting the stage. Well, when it was time to go home, I asked a guy that lives near me to take me home. I'm always hesitant to ask a ride from him, because he always analyzes my "talkativeness". So were not on the road, before he begins an in depth lecture on how my not talking doesn't help the world. And you don't grow and God wants as to talk. I hardly ever feel angered by people outside my family. And then he asks "So why don't you talk?" First I said, "Because sometimes I have nothing to say." Well that doesn't satisfy him. Oh no, he like, "Did you say that the last time I asked? Can you get a better excuse by then?" And then I said, "I speak when I want to."
"Fair enough," he says. Then he asks, "Then why when you do speak, you speak soft and quiet?" And I said, "Because that's how I speak." I put some stubbornness in my voice. I couldn't get home fast enough. I'm so aggravated. Ahhh! Rant over.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Trying to Find Good in Today

Today, I feel like I was a slacker. So I'm going to list the good things I did today as I think of them.

  1. Fed my dog
  2. Did the dishes
  3. Wrote down a message and remembered to tell mom.
  4. Didn't spend ALL day on the computer (just some of it.) :P
  5. went outside to look at the stars.
  6. drank water and ate food.
  7. Prayed.
  8. Sent an email to RMSP (Rocky Mountain School of Photography) about what their schedule for Summer Intensive was like.
So I thought of eight things. Not bad.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Beach Day Recap

So, here's the haps on the beach.

First, I had a good time. Second, there was some whales. But they were too faraway to take a picture of them and very brief. We basically sat and watched the beach. Mother said other people might think we were a little crazy. But we were happy clams on the beach.

Later, to get out of the sun, we moved back to a tree farther off the beach. It had a bunch of long strong grass stems. So I plucked some and braided them together. Behold, the fruit of my labor.
I plucked some flowers, too. Then my oh-so-manly brothers wanted to now how to braid. So I reluctantly showed them. I also modeled it on my brother. Yes, it was nice.

All and all a good day.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

A Beach Day For Taiger's Family

We're going to the beach. We like the beach. And it's whale migration season. So we might see some. Whooop! Got the camera already to go. I might show you some picture when I get back. Ciao!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Randomness Is Addictive

So I'm making a post about randomness. I was looking at my location on here and wondering how many people looked up Marvani, Empress Island, Turkey. I wonder how long it took them to realize it was fictional. Well, Turkey is a real country. But Marvani, Empress Island is in my world Taiger. :) See how random I am? Anyways, I've been trying to work on my Taiger story everyday. But I don't get much down sometimes.

I'm going to try and get my permit again tomorrow. I'm also going to a SAVE MY LIBRARY meeting. Yes, I'm going to save my library. I'm going to get my arm back.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Your Opinion

Okay, so. I've never read "The Golden Compass". But some of you have no doubt. ;) Well on the website for the movie, there is a quiz to see what your "daemon" is. So I took it. What do you think, is this me?

Library Mania

So, you might know that I've been without a library all summer. Because it closed. At first I was okay, but then I started feeling like my arm got chopped off. But now my arm might get sewed back on. :D My mother says there's movements going on to save my library. :D :D :D I'm so happy.

Monday, August 6, 2007

So I guess I should say something . . .

Been a while since I've said anything. Well it's August. Went rafting last Saturday. Got a sunburn on my knees. Today I went to a barbeque of sorts with some friends. It was fun.


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