Monday, March 31, 2008

The Beach (Revisited)

Heh, I was looking, and I realized I didn't show any of the "Ocean". The whole point of going to the beach, really. So I will remedy that. :) Sorry, there's no sound to this video. I used a digital camera video mode, and it didn't have a microphone, I guess.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Long Day at the Beach

Yesterday I went to the beach with my family. We left at 7:00 am and got home at 10:00 pm.
The beach is two hours away
from our house. I used the time to work on my story in a paper notebook, but somehow it only got to a page.

When we got to the beach, it was bright and sunny. It was prefect. I brought the camera and I snapped 181 pictures and one silent video. :) I shall now show you some of my work.

This girl was merrily playing in the sand with either a sister or friend. I decided to take her picture. She jumped up just as I snapped the shot.

I found this cool rock crevice on the beach, so i decided to explore it. It had logs, seaweed-like moss stuff and "windows".

What is that?
The answer is, I don't know. While we were building sandcastle and digging moats, this little guy decided to come out of the sand. I'm thinking maybe it's a sea slug, but I haven't looked it up yet.

And speaking of sandcastles . . .

Seaside Squirrels

The Southern Oregon Coast is also home to these cutie little ground squirrels. They are everywhere, and do not starve. Why is that, you ask? Because people feed them nuts all the time. My mom is a worry-wart, but she decided she would let us feed them some unsalted peanut we had brought with us.

They are cute but dangerous, as we found out. At first they were just vacuuming up the peanuts from our hands and into their cheeks. So my 17 year old brother tries, and one of them bit him on the thumb. It bled and he had a little bit of a "Bella" moment. So he got to spend a half an hour or so in the local walk-in clinic. We joked with him that now he is going to become a squirrel boy. ;D

After that we went to another beach for a while. For dinner, my dad wanted to get seafood. Seafood doesn't really appeal to me, but I got fish & chips to try. Tarter sauce it gross, I thought it was fry sauce, not the case at all. The fish was okay, but it doesn't really have much of a flavor. The restaurant was a locally owned, and small. But it had a similar tone to Luke's Diner on Gilmore Girls. Though certainly not so eccentric.

Anyways, that was my trip. It was a long day, and today I'll probably just chill.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Crazy Things I did When I was a young Lassie

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Crazy Things:
1. I cut my own hair when I was about three or four. I did it with safety scissors. My mom was sad that I cut off my baby curls.
2. I almost electrocuted myself as well. I stuck my finger in the sock on a chain of those big fat Christmas lights.
3. I split my chin open while fight over a stool in the bathroom. I had to get stitches.
4. When I was four or five, I push my friend down the stairs. I don't think it was just for kicks, I think he was being a mean and I was mad . . . not that it was right.
5. I drank water from a watering can, even though my dad told me not to. It had Miracle Grow in it. As you can see, I'm still kicking. But kids, don't try this at home.

I tag: Cuileann, Enna Isilee, Ani Isilee, Tree Rat Girl and mimagirl

Nuna and the first peek

So I've had this new idea for a story. I've been working on it for a bit and today I let myself rewrite part of my draft. Here is a part that I will let you see. :)

Understatement of the Day

I'm going to start a new segment on my blog called"Understatement of the Day". It will feature stuff my family, friends, TV, or anything I hear that is an understatement. If you find yourself a subject, don't take it personally. It's just for fun. I don't think you are dumb for saying it. (mostly . . .) This might become a sporadic feature, since I'm probably forget sometimes.

So without further adieu, here is the very first Understatement of the Day:

"Spongebob is kind of weird" ~ 8 year old bro

That's deep, man, deep.

Monday, March 24, 2008

This April . . . Coming to a computer near me . . .

I am going to attempt something I've never done before. (Besides turn 20 . . .) I am going to attempt to a screenplay . . . screenplay . . . screenplay.


Why, you ask?

Well, this is why. It's called Script Frenzy, and it is what it sounds like. ;) A frenzy to write 100 pages of a script in 30 days. Yes, I know I'm crazy. Here is my profile, and the script I'm going to do. :)

Hopefully I'm not in over my head.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Bloggy Anniversary!

My blog will be officially one years old on March 28th. It started as a place to document my trip to Utah. Now it has become a journal, a place to let out my feelings. So Happy Birthday, Bloggy! Thank you for holding my secrets. :)

My Life in Six Word

In a Constant State of Limbo.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


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Okay, I will now commence with the randomness:

  1. I'm a lazy slacker who probably shouldn't be doing this, because it's wasting time I could be doing something worth while.
  2. I still have my teddy bear, and I hug her when I'm sad.
  3. I'm too self-critical and have low self-esteem.
  4. Routines bore me, I can get sick of them within a week.
  5. If I was a flower I would be Alyssum.
  6. I dislike shoe and clothes shopping.
Now I'm supposed to tag people. Well, I'm not sure who hasn't been tagged yet.
How about: Faith, Summermoon, Fantasy, BookButterfly, Ani Isilee, and . . . Ennagirl.
I'll be sending notices shortly.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Last Night + Video Game Party and Movie

Last night my brothers had some friends over to play video games. Me and my parents kind of faded into the background, as they play as the play two different video game at the same time. People brought over there own TV's, and it got a little crazy.
But on an up note, I watched a really good movie. It was fairly clear by Hollywood standards, though I don't know what the language was, since we have a DVD play that blocks it out. But there were only a few awkward scenes.
The movie, as you can see on the left, is called Dan in Real Life. It was funny, and heart warming. It's about a widower who takes his three daughters to a family reunion. During a trip in to the beach town, where his parents house is, he meets this woman in a bookstore and they have a nice chat together. They part was, and he gets back home.
There he comes to find out, that she is his brother's girlfriend. I have to say, that Steve Carroll is a pretty good actor/comedian. He's good at saying the funny lines, like he's not trying to make you laugh. I really like that kind of humor, it's more natural. So know I'm going to kind of steal ElizabethBennett's rating system a moment.
Goodness Rating: 5 Morality Rating: 3 Funny Level: 5
Rated PG-13 for some innuendo.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Reading Challenge!

So, Enna Isilee has put up a challenge to read 4 books themed "twisted fairy tales". My list is:

  1. Book of a Thousand Days
  2. Fairest
  3. Just Ella
  4. Beauty
I hope to be able to do it! I will be updating on here when I finish a book.
Keep watch until May 5, 2008.

My first book: Book of a Thousand Days.


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