Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Understatement of the Day

I'm going to start a new segment on my blog called"Understatement of the Day". It will feature stuff my family, friends, TV, or anything I hear that is an understatement. If you find yourself a subject, don't take it personally. It's just for fun. I don't think you are dumb for saying it. (mostly . . .) This might become a sporadic feature, since I'm probably forget sometimes.

So without further adieu, here is the very first Understatement of the Day:

"Spongebob is kind of weird" ~ 8 year old bro

That's deep, man, deep.


  1. Haha! Well, I'm a fan. (Of this. Not so much of SpongeBob.)

  2. I agree, cuileann!

    Taiger, I never realized that we have some similar musical tastes: you have Alison Krauss, Martina McBride, and Anna Nalick on your playlist! Cool!

    Also, I tagged you. Check my blog Ch. 4.

  3. Okay, I'll get to your tag soonish. I thinking I notice someone having Anna Nalick on their playlist or somewhere. :) I found here on YouTube. One of her songs (the breath one) was on a fan video I watched. I liked it and so went to find who song it. :)



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