Friday, March 28, 2008

Long Day at the Beach

Yesterday I went to the beach with my family. We left at 7:00 am and got home at 10:00 pm.
The beach is two hours away
from our house. I used the time to work on my story in a paper notebook, but somehow it only got to a page.

When we got to the beach, it was bright and sunny. It was prefect. I brought the camera and I snapped 181 pictures and one silent video. :) I shall now show you some of my work.

This girl was merrily playing in the sand with either a sister or friend. I decided to take her picture. She jumped up just as I snapped the shot.

I found this cool rock crevice on the beach, so i decided to explore it. It had logs, seaweed-like moss stuff and "windows".

What is that?
The answer is, I don't know. While we were building sandcastle and digging moats, this little guy decided to come out of the sand. I'm thinking maybe it's a sea slug, but I haven't looked it up yet.

And speaking of sandcastles . . .

Seaside Squirrels

The Southern Oregon Coast is also home to these cutie little ground squirrels. They are everywhere, and do not starve. Why is that, you ask? Because people feed them nuts all the time. My mom is a worry-wart, but she decided she would let us feed them some unsalted peanut we had brought with us.

They are cute but dangerous, as we found out. At first they were just vacuuming up the peanuts from our hands and into their cheeks. So my 17 year old brother tries, and one of them bit him on the thumb. It bled and he had a little bit of a "Bella" moment. So he got to spend a half an hour or so in the local walk-in clinic. We joked with him that now he is going to become a squirrel boy. ;D

After that we went to another beach for a while. For dinner, my dad wanted to get seafood. Seafood doesn't really appeal to me, but I got fish & chips to try. Tarter sauce it gross, I thought it was fry sauce, not the case at all. The fish was okay, but it doesn't really have much of a flavor. The restaurant was a locally owned, and small. But it had a similar tone to Luke's Diner on Gilmore Girls. Though certainly not so eccentric.

Anyways, that was my trip. It was a long day, and today I'll probably just chill.

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  1. Wow, what a beautiful place. Sounds like a lovely time.



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