Monday, October 6, 2008

Response turned into a blog entry

So I was reading here:
I ended up making a rather lengthy explanation instead and decided to put it here.

On Goodreads my "books-i-own" shelve says I have fifty, but a bunch of those are books my whole family owns, so I probably personally own less then fifty. Mostly because I've always used the library for my book needs, I don't have an allowance or ever had an allowance in my entire life, (er, okay so my there was a wink of time where I got quarters for chores, but still) So the only money I've ever got is Birthday and Christmas money. For a while I got babysitting money. But I feel like I should be saving my money so I don't often by books unless I know they are good. Only recently have I been buying books, since I don't have a library anymore, but I still enjoy the library because I can check out fifty books without paying a very wealthy sum.

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  1. I didn't really start buying books until I got a job my Jr and Sr years of High School, and even then, it wasn't very often. I've started buying books a lot more now that I'm in college and making a bit more money. Though I should probably be saving it, too. Oh well. ;)



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