Thursday, April 21, 2011

Curious George (103/365)

Male Rufus Hummingbird

So in order to get photos of a hummingbird,you have to stand extremely still.  You have to be literally a statue with a finger to click the button and fingers to move the focus.  Today I was doing this, and trying a new trick of using flash so I could get more of the amazing colors out of the feathers.  Well this little guy started checking me out after I flashed him the first time and he flew away.  He got up so close to me, I was nervous he might become brave and peck at my eye or something.  It was amazing, I could have grabbed him if he weren't such a fast little thing, and if he wasn't so fragile.  He and a female take turns sharing the feeder and even fight over it.  I'm not sure if they're mates or not. :)  I hope you are enjoying my photos.


  1. how do you know that one is female and one is male?

  2. The males have a lot more orange on their feathers. Females are green. Just the usual way of telling bird genders apart. :)



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