Thursday, October 13, 2011

It Called to Me from the Mailbox (272/365)

"Come and get me, Layne, I'm out in the cold in a dark, cold box . . . ."

So I was having an OCD moment with my bookshelf today, so while I was straightening my books, I remembered that this was coming in the mail.  I also realized that no one had gotten the mail yet today, so then I wondered . . . .  So I walked out to the mailbox and there it was among bills and a Netflix envelope.  I won this at a contest on Squeaky Books where a friend of mine has an awesome birthday event each year.  This is now the third contest I've one in my whole life.  A coloring contest when I was 5/6 yrs. old, and another book contest.  Fun times. :)

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