Monday, January 2, 2012

HIghlights of Yesteryear

As we crossover into a new year, it is customary to take some time to reflect back on all the triumph of the read we just left behind.  So without much more adieu, let's get to the part where I showcase the best of my year in photography.  Technically I reached day 365 on Saturday, New Year's Ee.  But since I missed a few days here and there, I'll be continuing on until I reach 365.  But since 2011 is now over, I'll present a slideshow of the best of my 2011 photos down below:

And for all you book people, here are my five favorites the I read this year.

Top Five Favorite Read in 2011

4 of 5 stars
So, when does the next one come out?
Across the Universe
4 of 5 stars
The community of Godspeed frustrated me, but that was the point. I won't reveal what time I went to be last night, but it was late before I made myself put this book down. Then I picked it up this morning to finish the last few pages. Tw...

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