Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Aspirations of 2013

So I've been ruminating about putting up a list of "resolutions" on my blog, and reading a friends list helped encourage me to take the plunge.  I managed to make some significant life changes last year, and this year i want to make more.  So I will now begin my hopes for 2013.

Goals for the Year 2013:

  1. Choose and finish a whole novel's first draft

    I have a bad habit of losing interest in a story idea at the point when it becomes hard.  So this year I'm going to force myself to write through the writer's block.
  2. Learn new photography techniques and practice the one I already know

    Last year wasn't a great year in photography for me, but this year i can drive!  So I'm hoping to visit some fun locations and broaden my portfolio.
  3. Brush my teeth more regularly

    Laugh it up, but I truly have lost this habit.  I do brushing my teeth before leaving the house and the times I actually remember, but I could really improve my hygiene in this area.
  4. Less computer, more outside

    Sometimes I live inside so long that I forget that I like to be outside.  More so on happy sunny days than on cloudy days.  Also,  the internets is this great void that likes to suck me in.  So I'm going to try to go outside for at least 15 minutes a day.
  5. Get a day job

    Now that I have the power of driving, its time to make myself financially secure.
  6. Read 40 books

    Last year I was reading my 30th book when the year ended, so this year I'm going to take it up a notch. I'm going to include audiobooks and book I didn't finish, because even it I didn't like them enough to finish, I still technically read them.
  7. Share my Testimony

    I am talking beyond fast and testimony meeting. I'm hoping to try and mention Christ more when I talk to people outside of church.
  8. Eat Less Junk, Do more active things

    This may full into the realm of cliche, but so be it.
And since goals need smaller goals to help achieve them, each month I will try to post a list of monthly goals.

January Goals:

  1. Give out at least two business card for my photography.

  2. Take my camera out at least three times a week.

  3. Write for at least thirty minutes a day.

  4. Read or listen to at least three books

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