Monday, July 19, 2010

Welcome to Through My Looking Lens

This blog has been dead for this whole year.  Maybe its because I ran out of interest in what I was blogging about.  Well, I've decided to turn this into a blog that correlates with my "Photography Business".  Its not like its much of a business.  I've worked on a website off and on now, but I don't have all the skills need to get it the way I want.  So for now its just going to be this blog, and my link to Zazzle where you can buy prints of my artsy photography.  Maybe I'm just flattering myself, but here goes nothing.


  1. I've been reading you this whole time! Welcome back!

  2. Thanks, I don't know when or what my next post will be but I'll try and be more diligent. If nothing it will just be my journal with some photo sharing when i have something cool. :)



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